Available Decanters

Quotes will be sent based on your used decanter requirements referring to our stock numbers and models as described herein. If you do not see what you are looking for, we may be able to locate the specific used decanter if you request it. We will need the manufacturer, model and particular specifications.

Used decanters can be offered either as-is or reconditioned. All reconditioning is performed per the customer specifications as to conveyor pitch and leads, hardsurfacing, gearbox ratio, motor design, backdrives, controls and other features.

For non-decanter type used centrifuges use our link to www.kcentrifuge.com.

We can be contacted via email, phone, fax or letter per the information below.

Thank you for allowing us to work with you.

List Of Models


Results For: BROADBENT

  Model Manufacturer
  • Bowl Size
  • Type
    18x28 BROADBENT 18" x 28" Surplus
    750 x 3000 BROADBENT 29.5" x 118" Surplus
    36x72 BROADBENT 36" x 72" Surplus
    40 x 60 BROADBENT 40" x 60" Surplus
    438 BROADBENT 40" x 60" Surplus
    1200x2100 BROADBENT 47" x 83" Surplus